Join the Good Tree Campaign

Young Researchers of Serbia are launching a New Year’s campaign, “Save the forests and enjoy the holidays. As, every tree is a GOOD TREE” together with our partner organisations as part of the ECO SYSTEM programme.

The holiday season is a time when we often get carried away and give or buy more than we need, without thinking about the impact of our presents and Christmas decorations on biodiversity and, therefore, on climate change.

Demand for new resources boosts deforestation, alters land exploitation modalities, and destroys natural habitats on the entire planet. The accumulated effect of the economic model where we plan, produce, use, and then dispose of instead of reusing or recycling has yielded unwanted side effects. Christmas and New Year’s celebration alone emit on average 650 kg of CO2 per person, which makes up 5.5% of the total annual carbon footprint.

Having these alarming data in mind, we have decided to launch a campaign as part of the ECO SYSTEM programme with the aim of raising awareness and engaging the community on preserving biodiversity and preventing climate change.

Visit the GOOD TREE webpage to find more information and instructions on how to join the online part of the #dobrodrvo campaign, which will take place from December 20th to December 28th, 2023.

We can all do a LITTLE something during the holidays and make a BIG impact. Not only during the holidays but also after that.

Save the forests and enjoy the holidays. As, every tree is a GOOD TREE.

These activities are part of the ECO SYSTEM environmental reforms supporting programme, implemented by the Young Researchers of Serbia and supported by Sweden.