KLIMATSKI FORUM ekosistem program

Climate Forum

Network: Climate Forum

Lead partner: Environment Improvement Center

Project duration: August-December 2021


Climate Forum is a project that aims to strengthen the capacity and visibility of the Climate Forum Network, which deals with mitigating the effects of climate change and adapting to climate change in the Republic of Serbia. The project will define the network‘s long-term strategic framework for advancing climate change reforms, monitoring of Chapter 27 and creating local climate change policies. This project will seek to deepen the understanding of climate change among decision makers through dialogue, collaboration and the creation of specific products.

zelena stolica

Stable and strong Green Chair for greater influence on decision-makers

Network: Green Chair

Lead partner: Centre od modern skills

Project duration: August-December 2021


“Stable and strong Green Chair for greater influence on decision makers” is a project of the Green Chair network. Its aim is to ensure network‘s continous contribution towards environmental reforms and monitoring Chapter 27, through capacity building and enhanced dialogue and cooperation of civil society organizations with decision-makers at national and local levels, using various mechanisms for public participation. In addition to forming a project team, examining the needs of network members and their training, the focus will be on working with members of the Committee for Environmental Protection of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. In this process, the network will conduct an analysis of environmental horizontal legislation and establish local „Green Chairs“, with special focus on the implementation of gender-based policies at the local level. The organizations will also launch a campaign aimed at citizens.

Network of Good Energy

Network: Network of Good Energy

Lead partner: Vojvodina Environmental Movement

Project duration: August-December 2021


“Network of Good Energy” is a project launched with the aim of training actors in local communities for informed participation in the creation and monitoring of local climate and energy policies. Through this project, the knowledge and skills of young people from selected municipalities will be advanced to prepare them for active participation in processes that contribute to the improvement of local public policies in the field of climate change and energy efficiency. One of the goals of the Network of Good Energy is to empower citizens and representatives of selected municipalities in Serbia to participate in informed decision-making on policies addressing the topics of “climate change and energy efficiency” at the local level, in accordance with policies and regulations from Chapter 27. The network will improve its capacity for continuous communication with target groups using all available channels. The key activities within the project will be the program for empowering young people “Energy Agents”, increasing the understanding of public policies and their impact on the lives of citizens and improving the availability of information on the network‘s channels.

Eco-Network for the Future of Serbia

Network: Natura 2000 RCS

Lead partner: Bird Protection and Study Society in Serbia

Project duration: August-December 2021


“Eco-Network for the Future of Serbia” is a project of the Natura 2000 RCS network whose goals are better nature protection, aware and engaged public, strengthened and connected civil society organizations, as well as a functional, long-lasting and visible Natura 2000 Ecological Network. This project will strengthen technical capacities and human resources of the CSO “Natura 2000 RCS” network, increase level of its visibility and establish a channel of communication and cooperation with state institutions. Focal activities include improvement of the database and application for mobile phones “Biologer”, workshops and meetings with representatives of state institutions, actively promoted through a media campaign, video content, and informative publications.

pošumimo vojvodinu program ekosistem

Let’s afforest Vojvodina: Platform for public participation in decision-making on public policies for nature protection and afforestation in AP Vojvodina

Network: Let’s Afforest Vojvodina

Lead partner: Environmental Center Stanište

Project duration: August-December 2021


The project “Let’s Afforest Vojvodina” aims to encourage more active involvement of citizens and civil society organizations in decision-making on environmental protection and implementation of the environmental EU acquis. In this project, this will be achieved through increasing the awareness of public and media outlets about the problem of deforestation and environmental protection in AP Vojvodina, with a special focus on the promotion of the network “Let’s afforest Vojvodina”. This way, the project will strengthen the capacities of the network and other CSOs, allowing them to participate in decision-making on environmental protection and monitoring the implementation of Chapter 27 reforms. The project will conduct research about the local policy documents pertaining to afforestation and examine the situation in forest nurseries in APV. The results will then be presented to the target groups and the general public.

zelena lista srbije

Oplaneti se: Green Caravan

Network: Serbian Green Netowork

Lead partner: Serbian Green Network

Project duration: August-December 2021


“Oplaneti se: Green Caravan” is a project of the Green List of Serbia (SGN) network, created with the aim of contributing to the environmental reforms in Serbia, in accordance with European standards in the field of waste management and the concept of the circular and green economy. This project will strengthen the organizational framework and educational capacities of the Serbian Green Network. It will also increase its visibility on local and national levels, alongside encouraging greater participation of network members in determining and monitoring the implementation of public waste management policies. The project will focus on expanding the Green List of Serbia network membership, development and adoption of a new strategic plan of SGN, and training of SGN associates for monitoring the state of environmental protection with special reference to the role of CSOs in that process. An analysis of the implementation of public waste management policies in local communities will be conducted, and the network will also organize a national discussion on the circular economy. The activities will be accompanied by a campaign aimed at citizens.

Strengthening the resilience of local communities to climate change “ClimAdapt21”

Mreža: Blue-Green Network Futura

Lead partner: UNECOOP

Project duration: August-December 2021


“KlimAdapt 2021” is a project of the Blue-Green Network Futura, with the aim of strengthening the capacity and visibility of CSO networks dealing with environmental protection, as well as improving dialogue and cooperation of CSOs and decision-makers at the national and local level. This will be achieved through public awareness and the establishment of a dialogue with key local actors, in order to improve local public policies and practices in line with EU climate policies. As part of “KlimAdapt 2021”, Futura will define the organizational, legal and strategic framework for its activities, with increased public visibility of the network and strengthened capacity of members to monitor the negotiation process and contribute to advancing environmental reforms. The main activities within the project will be an educational and promotional campaign, improving the capacity of local authorities, as well as the analysis of local public policies in the field of adaptation to climate change.

Green Agenda at the Local Level

Network: Network of the European Movement in Serbia – EMinS

Lead partner: European Movement Serbia Leskovac – EPuS

Project duration: August-December 2021


“Green Agenda at the local level – EMinS Network” is a project of the Network of the European Movement in Serbia – EMinS, with a goal of contributing to more active involvement of civil society organizations and other actors in the implementation and advocacy of the environmental EU acquis. One of the goals of the project is recognizing the Network of the European Movement in Serbia – EMinS as a credible partner in the process of preparation and implementation of local public policies related to the environment and climate change. The main activities within this project will be mapping and assessment of the capacity of the EMinS Network and local environmental CSOs, as well as consultations with the members of the EMinS Network regarding the planning and coordination of joint actions. The project activities include creation of an e-platform for the exchange of information, experiences, and launching initiatives. The network will also organize workshops for local CSOs and activists and roundtables on climate change management, and all activities will be accompanied by a media campaign.

proaktiv ekosistem program

Citizens for the nature of southeastern Serbia: Assessment of the quality of management of protected areas in the territory of southeastern Serbia

Network: Citizens for the Nature of Serbia

Lead partner: Proaktiv

Project duration: August-December 2021


“Citizens for the nature of southeastern Serbia: Assessment of the quality of management of protected areas in the territory of southeastern Serbia” is a project of the “Citizens for the Nature of Serbia” network, which aims to decentralize the model of protected areas management. This would ensure the involvement of municipalities, civil society organizations, and the local community in the management of protected areas. The project focuses on three main groups of activities: strengthening the capacity of organizations to operate the network, strengthening relations between stakeholder representatives, decision-makers and network members, as well as conducting campaign aimed at encouraging wider community participation in advocating for change management models.

Ecocenter in Action

Network: Econet Network

Lead partner: Forum of Civil Action FORCA

Project duration: August-December 2021


“Ecocenter in Action” is a project of the Econet network which aims to create conditions for the active involvement of the Econet network in the processes of environmental reform. The project has a special focus on the field of municipal waste management in four districts in Serbia, with the assessment of the current situation in the field of legal regulations and practices of municipalities. Activities within the project will include training aimed at increasing the capacity of the Econet Network, assessment of the situation and practices in the field of municipal waste management, as well as a public awareness campaign about the importance of proper municipal waste management.

pošumimo vojvodinu program ekosistem

The Forest Calls for Dialogue

Network: Let’s Afforest Vojvodina

Lead partner: Novi Sad Environmental Movement

Project duration: August-December 2021


“The Forest Calls for Dialogue” is a project of the Afforest Vojvodina Network, which aims to improve the awareness of citizens and decision-makers about the need for preservation and improvement of the existing forests, as well as increasing the area under forests and their care in AP Vojvodina. The project will strengthen the network’s visibility and improve intersectoral cooperation and the dialogue between citizens and institutions. The project will include educational activities, afforestation, promotion, activities to strengthen the network and its visibility, as well as activities to strengthen communication and intersectoral cooperation.

dobrovoljno vatrogasno društvo kraljevo

Together we can protect our forests

Network: City Fire Brigade of Kraljevo

Lead partner: Voluntary Fire Department Kraljevo

Project duration: August-December 2021


“Together we can protect our forests” is a project of the City Fire Brigade of Kraljevo whose goal is to contribute to the protection of forests and their biodiversity from the consequences caused by forest fires. As part of the project, the membership of the network will actively participate in the monitoring and implementation of public policies in the field of civil protection and environmental protection. Also, there will be a considerable focus on raising awareness of the local community about the importance and role of voluntary firefighting and volunteerism in the civil protection system at both local and national level. The project will also expand the membership of Voluntary Fire Department Kraljevo and members of the women’s section of the Voluntary Fire Department Kraljevo. Also, members of the network will work on establishing cooperation with other sectors of civil protection and managers of natural resources, as well as the promotion of Chapter 27 in the field of forest fire protection, civil protection, and voluntary engagement and volunteerism. As part of the project, an educational program will be organized for primary school students on the topic of fire culture and forest fire protection.

Conceptual Foundation of Environmentally Conscious Action

Network: Banat Platform

Lead partner: Ecological Organization Avalon

Project duration: August-December 2021


“Conceptual Foundation of Environmentally Conscious Action” is a project of the Banat Platform Network, which aims to strengthen the ideological foundation of the advocates for reforms in environmental protection. This means raising awareness about the importance of respecting the principles of gender and social equality, intergenerational tolerance in environmental protection, as well as strengthening the capacity of the network, its visibility, and the visibility of the project through joint activities. Project activities include education, project and network promotion, capacity building of the Banat Platform and monitoring of the implementation of adopted local environmental laws in line with the EU acquis.