KLIMATSKI FORUM ekosistem program

Name of the project: Climate Forum

Network: Climate Forum

Lead partner: Environment Improvement Center

Partner organizations on the project: The Center for Development of Non-formal Education – CRNOG (Belgrade), Citizens Association Klima 101 (Belgrade), Citizens Association GM Optimist (Gornji Milanovac)

Project duration: June–December 2023


The “Climate Forum” project aims to improve the capacities and visibility of the network member organizations, develop a new action framework, improve dialogue with all stakeholders, and initiate specific scientific and expert analyses intended for better informing and educating citizens. Additionally, the project aims to enable members of the Climate Forum to continue working on reforms related to climate change and decarbonization and monitoring Chapter 27 within Cluster 4. The project envisions several activities to inform and empower citizens to actively participate in the development of improved public policies related to climate change and decarbonization: Analysis of local environmental policies in Belgrade in the field of climate change is planned in accordance with the methodology of Coalition 27: “Small Schools of Climate Change” for students of primary and secondary schools in Gornji Milanovac and Belgrade; functionality improvement of the solar calculator, used to determine the potential for solar energy production in determined area. The Climate Forum’s enhanced involvement in the implementation of EU acquis will promote reforms in environmental protection, and all outcomes and products produced as part of this project are going to be available to the public as well as to all citizens of the Republic of Serbia.

Project name: Cities Ready for Climate Change

Network: Green Chair

Lead partner: Center of Modern Skills (Belgrade)

Partner organizations on the project: Aarhus Center (Novi Sad), BFPE Foundation for a Responsible Society (Belgrade), Sustainable Development Ambassadors (Belgrade)

Project duration: June–December 2023


The “Cities Ready for Climate Change” project aims to strengthen the capacity and visibility of the Green Chair network for monitoring and advocating public policies in adaptation to climate change in a gender-responsive manner. Additionally, the project aims to inform and involve citizens and other relevant actors in the activities of adaptation to changed climatic conditions. The capacity building of network members’ is planned through training and coordination meetings. The project will provide space to foster communication and cooperation between local self-government units, decision-makers, and citizens. In order to support ongoing public advocacy, it is intended to enhance the “Green Chair” network’s existing database on the capacity of local governments to adapt to changing climatic conditions. Initiatives will be submitted for the adoption of a set of local measures and suggestions for climate change adaptation. The project activities of members of the Green Chair network and other relevant actors from the advocacy teams will provide knowledge and give them the opportunity to independently launch initiatives on the topic of adaptation to changed climate conditions.

Project title: Energy Management for the Invisible Million

Network: Network of good energy

Lead partner: Vojvodina Environmental Movement (Sremski Karlovci)

Partner organizations on the project: RES Foundation (Belgrade), Novi put (Kraljevo), Belgrade Open School (Belgrade).

Project duration: June–December 2023


With this project, Network intends to develop the capacities of three selected local self-government units with fewer than 20,000 residents. It is planned to establish a local energy management system to provide local interventions based on data collection, processing, and monitoring. The project also proposes the development of the “Academy of Good Energy, an educational program model based on the study and analysis of the existing curriculum at the academic level in the Republic of Serbia. Specific thematic units (modules) will be established, with a particular focus on the sociological dimensions of the “just transition”: “energy poverty,” “leave no one behind,” and “gender equality,” as an addition to present formal education. The Network of Good Energy will run a promotional campaign created to reach a wider audience and inform the public about the importance of an open database, “Atlas of Good Energy.”. It is also an opportunity to present the work of the network and to give other approaches to complex topics such as energy efficiency and climate change.

Pošumimo Vojvodinu

Project name: The Forest Calls to Action

Network: Afforest Vojvodina

Lead partner: Nature Conservation Movement of Novi Sad

Partners in the project: Children’s Ecological Academy Association (Novi Sad), The Environmental Movement of Vrbas, Sova Rural Center (Sremska Mitrovica)

Project duration: June–December 2023


The project “The Forest Calls for Action” draws attention to the destruction of biodiversity due to the deforestation process. Its goal is to raise awareness and interest among young people, as well as among agricultural landowners and local governments, to address the problem of Vojvodina’s forest deficit.

The project activities are designed to increase cooperation with citizens and local governments by including them in various afforestation efforts organized by network members. “Afforest Vojvodina” aims to improve dialog with authorities, strengthen the network’s and CSOs capacities in environmental protection implementation and decision-making processes, and raise its visibility.  The network developed many educational activities like voluntary camps and initiatives connected to the regulation of this issue, forest protection, and afforestation of specific spatial units, highlighting the problem of the lack of forests in Vojvodina and building stronger relationships between citizens and local government on afforestation activities.


zelena lista srbije

Project name: Oplaneti se: Green Caravan For Local Response To Climate Change.

Network: Serbian Green Network

Lead partner: Serbian Green Network

Partner organizations on the project: Moravski orašak (Trstenik), Center for Children and Youth (Vrnjačka Banja), Village Zlot (Zlot), OI Zavicaj 1093 (Vranje), PEU Ras (Novi Pazar), Zeleni putokazi (Raška), Association of Young Researchers Bor (Bor)

Project duration: July–December 2023



With the project “Oplaneti se: Green Caravan for a Local Response to Climate Change,” the Serbian Green Network continues to support the initiated environmental protection reform in Serbia in accordance with EU standards. The objective of the project is to achieve greater participation and influence among CSOs, citizens, and the public, as well as their involvement in the fight against climate change at the national and local levels. The Serbian Green Network aims to promote dialog and cooperation with decision-makers through project activities, as well as participation in the development and implementation of public policies on climate change and environmental protection at the local and national levels. The project covers strengthening organization and program capacities, as well as the network’s influence and visibility in addressing specific problems in the fight against climate change. Project activities are intended to raise citizens’ and especially young people’s knowledge by providing useful information and encouraging them to participate in all stages of the creation and implementation of public policies on climate change.

Name of the project: Voluntary firefighting in the function of protecting forests and forest biodiversity

Lead partner: Volunteer Fire Department (VFD), Kraljevo

Network: Alliance of Volunteer Fire Brigade Departments, Kraljevo

Partner organizations on the project: VFD Studenica, VFD Fire Brigade Kamenica, VFD Bukovica, VFD Mataruška Banja

Project duration: June – December 2023


Local governments acknowledge the volunteer firefighting communities’ efforts as a crucial aspect of civil protection, making a significant contribution to protecting the forests and preserving the biodiversity of forest resources. The project “Volunteer firefighting in the function of protecting forests and forest biodiversity” promotes its importance and deals with the development of volunteer firefighting at local, regional, and national levels. The goal of the network is to increase the number of trained volunteers through project activities and encourage the development of firefighting and environmental culture among young people.  Planned activities should strengthen the network’s capacity and establish partnerships with local self-government in advocacy for the adoption of a local program to support the development of volunteer firefighting as a special entity in the civil protection system. Project activities are developed in order to raise awareness of importance civil sector participation in developing an efficient system, to promote volunteer firefighting encourage and founding of new firefighting brigades. 



Name of the project: Towards Low-Carbon Buildings

Network: Blue Green Network Futura

Lead partner: UNEKOOP (Paraćin)

Partners in the project: Union of Ecologists UNECO (Belgrade), Foundation for Environmental Actions Green Limes (Novi Banovci), Local Development Initiative (Kraljevo), Development Center Kraljevo

Project duration: July–December 2023


The main aim of the project is to strengthen the capacity to reduce CO2 emissions in the construction sector in the Republic of Serbia. Blue-Green Network Futura developed activities to increase the interest of the public and key actors in the topic of reducing CO2 emissions in the construction sector. To achieve the adopted goals of the European Union’s climate and energy policies, it is necessary to make efficient use of resources. The project “Towards low-carbon buildings” is intended to contribute to the development of missing public policies in this area through the affirmation of examples of good practice and the systematization of the necessary steps. These steps will include the development of practical policy proposals and recommendations for the road map for the decarbonization of buildings. Project activities are designed to encourage the advocacy potential of the civil sector in the direction of decarbonization in other sectors such as agriculture, transport, and industry. Project activities directly involve representatives of the Network of Energy Managers, staff of local self-government units, state administration and corporate sector representatives, civil society organizations, residents, and especially young people. These activities will provide active participation in the development and implementation of public climate and energy policies at the local and national levels for all sectors.



Name of the project: Women United:

Network: Women’s Network for Nature and Environmental Protection

Lead partner: POLEKOL (Beograd)

Partners in the project: Ekomar (Kragujevac), Centar za održivi razvoj Srbije (Beograd), Eko heroji (Beograd)

Project duration: June–December 2023

The “Woman United” project aims to empower women activists in the fight for the preservation of natural resources and to create space for the active involvement of women in decision-making processes in the fields of nature, environmental protection, and climate change. The goals of the projects are to achieve greater visibility for women in nature and environmental protection, connect women in a network of solidarity, and create a safe space for the development of activists, experts, and decision-makers in these fields. Project activities are designed with the intention of promoting women’s activism and increasing the number of initiatives that involve citizens in the fields of nature protection, biodiversity preservation, and climate change while incorporating the principle of gender equality. The goal is to build the capacities of female activists through the acquisition of knowledge and the application of EU standards at the local and national level.

Name of the project: Adaptation to changed climate conditions in Niš 2023- ACCC-NIS 2023

Network: Green network of the city of Nis

Lead partner: Media and Reform Center Nis

Partner organizations on the project: Green Key (Nis), Juzna Morava (Lalinac) Zooplanet (Nis), Azbuki (Nis), Committee for Human Rights (Nis), Local Foundation (Nis), Nova Mreza (Nis)

Project duration: July–December 2023


The project “Adaptation to Changed Climate Conditions in Niš 2023-ACCC 2023” will support the network in raising awareness of the need for reform in environmental protection. It will also strengthen the local community’s capacity for resilience and adaptation to changing climate conditions and stress the importance of environmental protection reform. Project activities are aimed at increasing the visibility of the network, raising awareness of the effects of changing climatic conditions, and developing the ACCC-NIS 2023. The adoption of the ACCC for the city of Nis includes participation from all sectors, including CSOs, activists, and people. The network will conduct the required research and expert analysis, support initiatives for mini-climate solutions, implement education, and exchange practical knowledge in legal advocacy procedures. Network activities, knowledge gained, and results will be promoted and shared through the media and online campaigns to strengthen all three sectors and improve sectoral and local planning processes.

Name of the project: Network of Citizens for Nature Protection

Network: Local Action

Leading partner: Pridruzi se (Paracin)

Partner organizations on the project: Citizens Movement: Free Choice (Paracin), Movement of Dignified (Paracin), Sigurno napred (Paracin), Media Center (Paracin), Institute for Regional Development (Novi Sad)

Project duration: June–December 2023


The aim of the project “Network of Citizens for Nature Protection” is to raise awareness in the local community about the problems that endanger the existence of planned protected areas in the Paracin municipality. The planned activities seek to influence public policies to ensure that all planned protected areas in the municipality of Paracin are officially proclaimed protected in accordance with the terms of the Law on Nature Protection. The project aims to boost the network’s capacity and visibility, with a specific focus on educating the general public. This is especially crucial for populations in rural communities directly impacted by environmentally harmful activities.


All project activities are developed to engage members of the public administration and business owners in order to ensure proper planning of activities and policies and to stop further degradation of the planned protected areas in the municipality of Paracin.