Women and the environment

Women’s role in ECO SYSTEM

Women play a key role in environmental reforms, battle against climate change, and the process of sustainable development.


Building foundations for gender-sensitive planning in the environmental sector is one of the most important topics for Serbia in the European Union accession process, which includes Chapter 27.  


Through its activities, the ECO-SYSTEM programme will promote active participation of women in the environmental sector and create conditions to incorporate a gender perspective in formulating environmental policies.

Why is the focus on women?


Research conducted by the United Nations has shown that women are disproportionately affected by climate change-related disasters. At the same time, women have a more positive and proactive attitude about activities focused on environmental protection and mitigating climate change. Women carry the brunt of responsibility for natural resources all over the world. Considering their unique role in society, women possess the knowledge and experience required to significantly contribute to environmental protection through sustainable development. ECO SYSTEM women-related activities will focus on the following:

Decision making

Greater representation and participation of women in creating environmental policies and all levels of decision-making process.


Greater visibility of women’s role and contributions in the environmental sector and reforms comprising Chapter 27.


Greater involvement and empowerment of women in the spheres of green economy and sustainable development.