ECO SYSTEM IN 2021: More than 250 CSOs take part in the dialogue about the environment

During 2021, within the ECO SYSTEM: Environmental Reforms Supporting Programme, 13 projects were successfully implemented by 12 environmental CSo networks from all over Serbia. More than 90 project activities, engaging over 250 organizations and representatives of relevant institutions, contributed to capacity building and better dialogue in the field of environmental protection. The accompanying campaigns were seen by 2.3 million people, and 260 reports on the project activities of our partner organizations were published in the media.

Through the ECO SYSTEM program, Young Researchers of Serbia supported the following projects:

  • Climate Forum – Climate Forum network with lead partner Environment Improvement Center
  • Stable and strong Green Chair for greater influence on decision-makers – Green Chair network with lead partner Centre of Modern Skills
  • Network of Good Energy – Network of Good Energy with lead partner Vojvodina Environmental Movement
  • Eco-Network for the Future of Serbia – Natura 2000 RCS network with lead partner Bird Protection and Study Society in Serbia
  • Let’s afforest Vojvodina: Platform for public participation in decision-making on public policies for nature protection and afforestation in AP Vojvodina – Let’s Afforest Vojvodina with lead partner Environmental Center Stanište
  • Oplaneti se: Green Caravan – Serbian Green Netowork with lead partner Serbian Green Network
  • Strengthening the resilience of local communities to climate change “ClimAdapt21” – Blue-Green Network Futura with lead partner UNECOOP
  • Green Agenda at the Local Level – Network of the European Movement in Serbia – EMinS with lead partner European Movement Serbia Leskovac – EPuS
  • Citizens for the Nature of Southeastern Serbia: Assessment of the quality of management of protected areas in the territory of southeastern Serbia – Citizens for the Nature of Serbia network with lead partner Proaktiv
  • Ecocenter in Action – Econet Network with lead partner Forum of Civil Action FORCA
  • The Forest Calls for Dialogue – Let’s Afforest Vojvodina network with lead partner Novi Sad Environmental Movement
  • Together we can protect our forests – City Fire Brigade of Kraljevo network with lead partner Voluntary Fire Department Kraljevo
  • Conceptual Foundation of Environmentally Conscious Action – Banat Platform network with lead partner Ecological Organization Avalon


Young Researchers of Serbia worked with partner organizations to advance changes in the environmental sector in Serbia, by strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations, as well as initiating changes in the attitudes and practices of citizens, local authorities and state institutions.

Through more than 90 activities incorporated in 13 projects, more than 250 civil society organizations were directly or indirectly involved in the work on environmental reforms. Part of our partner networks’ activities was focused on strengthening their capacities in order to develop a stronger and more visible role in society. They also dedicated significant time to raising public awareness and encouraging greater participation in decision-making on environmental issues. Over 30 training sessions and 90 workshops were held. As part of their projects, our partners have developed four educational/informatie tools such as e-learning platforms and databases. As a result of educational activities and 13 research studies, our partner networks published 9 publications which are a valuable foundation for the development of local environmental policies.

When it comes to initiating the necessary changes in the attitudes of citizens and decision-makers, the project activities were accompanied by 11 campaigns in the form of social media campaigns and various street and local actions. On social networks, more than 770 posts were seen by 2.3 million people, and these contents collected 59,000 interactions.

Over 25 public actions involving tree planting and educational activities, as well as interesting research results, have attracted the attention of numerous media outlets. TV and radio stations and portals covered our partners’ activities and the ECO SYSTEM programme in more than 260 media reports.

The projects also contributed to better dialogue and cooperation with institutions regarding the transposition and implementation of the EU environmental acquis. More than 250 environmental organizations and a significant number of institutions’ representatives took part in 2 national conferences, and 27 round tables, panel discussions and meetings.

Given the special importance of the gender component in the ECO SYSTEM program and the role of women in environmental protection, partner organizations had the opportunity to work on capacity building in this area through mentoring and educational activities. This way, they took an initial and significant step towards integrating a gender perspective into their programs and strategic documents.

We believe that these results are a clear indication that the civil sector in Serbia has the capacity and motivation to permanently position itself as a key actor and partner of public institutions in the transposition and implementation of EU environmental reforms. We are looking forward to supporting new ideas and initiatives, as well as continuing and strengthening excellent cooperation with environmental organizations from all over Serbia.

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