The fourth cycle of the eco system support program has started

Ten projects have been selected to receive support through the fourth cycle of the ECO SYSTEM programme. 

The ECO SYSTEM programme focuses on CSO networks active in the environmental sector.  

Believing in power of joint action and acknowledging the long-standing efforts of both organizations and various donors in building capacities of CSO’s networks, Young Researchers of Serbia have directed programme’s activities towards existing environmental networks to ensure the successful continuation of their work 

During period, 2021 to 2023, the ECO SYSTEM programme has supported 16 networks of civil society organizations focusing on the environment, nature conservation/biodiversity preservation, and/or climate change. 

This year, 73 citizens’ associations forming partnerships applied on behalf of 17 networks. After a two-phase selection process, the fourth cycle of the ECO SYSTEM programme will support 10 projects implemented by 40 organizations from 23 locations in Serbia. 

The leading organizations that will carry out the projects on behalf of the networks are following: 

  • iRevolucija from Valjevo – Network Ecoblock 
  • Ibar Development Association (IDA) from Kraljevo – Network of CSOs for sustainable development and sustainable agriculture 
  • Forum of Civil Action FORCA from Požega – Network Econet 
  • PROAKTIV from Niš – Network Citizens for Nature  
  • Association of Private Forest Owners “Bor” from Užice – Network RAŠ Omorika 
  • Environment Improvement Center from Belgrade – Network Climate Forum 
  • POLEKOL from Belgrade – Women’s Network for Nature and Environment Protection 
  • Novi Sad Environmental Movement – Network Afforest Vojvodina 
  • Volunteer Fire Department Kraljevo  City Fire Brigade Kraljevo  
  • Center of Modern Skills from Belgrade – Network Green Chair 

Supported projects will be implemented starting from June until the end of 2024, dealing with topics such as nature conservation, air quality, waste management, and climate change.  

Environmental reforms are serious and long-term processes that require collaboration between civil society and institutions, along with continuous engagement with citizens. Through ECO SYSTEM programme supported by Sweden, Young Researchers of Serbia encompassed all the elements necessary to strengthen the existing capacities of networks and enhance knowledge, skills, policies, and collaboration practices.This support enables civil society organizations and other stakeholders to actively engage in environmental protection reforms and contribute to their acceleration.