Introductory training for networks supported through the ECO SYSTEM program 

Young Researchers of Serbia have organized an introductory training for 10 environmental networks which projects are supported through the fourth cycle of the ECO SYSTEM programme. The training was organized in Vrsac, from June 10 to 13, 2024.  

During the training, organizations had the opportunity to meet up and introduce their projects to each other, create space for networking and synergy. Working in groups enabled participants to strengthen their collaboration, conduct detailed analysis and discussions, and consider specific areas in nature conservation, waste management, and climate change. 

Through workshops led by experts and members of the project team from Young Researchers of Serbia, participants improved their capacities in designing projects, focusing on risk management and the logical framework matrix. 

As part of the training, special attention was paid to the Law on the Planning System—introducing the methodology for monitoring environmental policy implementation on local level in Serbia, which was highly significant for the participants. 

Discussions on project implementation guidelines, reporting, and financial management allowed participants to further improve their project proposals, and at the very end, we dealt with considering the challenges and acquiring the necessary skills when it comes to environmental reforms. 

The training ended with evaluation and technical information which was rated as highly practical and beneficial. The importance of networking and collaboration, both geographically and thematically, was emphasized, fostering dynamic information exchange and mutual support in campaigns and local activities. 

The introductory training was designed to provide supported organizations essential skills and knowledge for successful environmental project implementation, enabling them to carry out their activities more effectively and contribute to their local communities. Projects will be implemented from June – December 2024. 

These activities are part of the ECO SYSTEM programme, implemented by Young Researchers of Serbia and supported by Sweden.