Be a part of ECO-SYSTEM: Open Call for CSO Networks


The ECO-SYSTEM programme is moving to the next stage – after a campaign aimed at citizens and developing awareness of the importance of environmental reforms, Young Researchers of Serbia are focusing on civil society this year. We’re opening a call for participation in ECO-SYSTEM capacity building program for civil society organizations networks. 

In the last few years, there has been a major shift in public awareness when it comes to environmental protection. Topics such as air quality, polluted rivers, and the environmental impact of large infrastructure projects, finally made it into headlines and public discussion. Such a change is largely the result of years of civil society’s efforts.

However, the power of the civil sector is not without its limits. The ECO-SYSTEM programme was developed with the idea to help prepare civil society organizations for more serious endeavors and new initiatives. Our goal is to support environmental reforms in the Republic of Serbia by encouraging civil society organizations and other actors to participate in the implementation of the EU environmental acquis. Through developing organizational and financial capacities, as well as stimulating cooperation within the environmental protection sector, we want to give civil society organizations the driving energy for implementing reforms in this area.

“Just as its name suggests, the ECO-SYSTEM programme takes into account the specific role that each of us plays in environmental protection. During the first year of the programme, we focused on citizens as individuals, but also as a group that can unite and initiate change. This year, we are focusing on citizens’ associations, specifically CSO networks. This way, we seek to encourage cooperation and strengthen civil society in a way that allows it to assume the leading role in the efforts to create a greener society “, says the Coordinator of the ECO-SYSTEM programme, Tijana Ljubenović.

The call is open to environmental civil society organizations representing formal or informal networks focused on any of the topics covered by Chapter 27 – Environment and Climate Change, which is part of the accession negotiations with the European Union. The rules and conditions for participation in the program, as well as all the necessary documentation, can be found on the GRANTS page.

The ECO-SYSTEM capacity building programme is the main component of the ECO-SYSTEM project: Environmental Reforms Supporting Programme, implemented by Young Researchers of Serbia (MIS) with the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). The project started in January 2020 and lasts for three years.

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